Turtuga Blanku interviews Joel Bakan

I am promoting the use of renewable energy through this website and my music. But there are a lot of other people out there also doing something in their own special way to contribute to solving environmental problems. I ask each interviewee only five questions.

'The World Without Us' author Alan Weisman is followed by Joel Bakan, the author and filmmaker of the book and film "The Corporation". (This 26 International Awards winning film has been an important source of inspiration for the song No More). He is also a professor of law at the University of British Columbia and a musician.

1) Save the earth…why?

Because it is home to and nurtures the miracles of life, in all of its forms, and is a sacred place and moment in space and time.

2) What, in your opinion would be the most realistic way to solve the climate problems we are facing?

Create awareness, and more of it, to the point where measures to stop destructive actions feel as necessary as they are. Then act, and keep acting, forever.

3) Do you think that anyone can be -or has the personality to be- "green"?

We all have the personality, as individuals, to be green. The question is whether we can be green collectively, as societies, through our social, economic and political institutions.

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4) How do you think music can contribute to protecting the environment?

Next to being a social critic, being a musician is my most important vocation. This sounds fluffy, but I believe music, played and listened to, accesses the soul deeply, gives meaning to life, creates feelings of love and compassion and mobilizes social action. Teach it in school, give every kid a ukulele, bring it to the people. Unfortunately, music in its hyper-commercialized form is a passive, soulless diversion, driven by pseudo-edginess and the cult of celebrity.

5) And finally: who would you recommend to also ask the questions you just answered?

Raffi (the children's singer)

Appreciated, Joel!

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