Turtuga Blanku interviews Velcrow Ripper

I am promoting the use of renewable energy through this website and my music. But there are a lot of other people out there also doing something in their own special way to contribute to solving environmental problems. I ask each interviewee only five questions.

M*A*S*H actor Mike Farrell clears the 5Q-interview-stage for Velcrow Ripper. This is the sound designer and music supervisor of the international award winning documentary The Corporation and several other documentaries. He is also a multi award winning filmmaker - e.g. Genie award for his film Scared Sacred - and a writer.

1) Save the earth…why?

Because we are part of the earth, part of the web of life, inextricably. We exist in relationship to each other, and all living things. This is the true heart of all spiritual paths, and is well understood by modern science. In Buddhism, this is what Thich Nhat Hahn calls "inter-being", [and] in science [the] Living systems theory states that we are all part of an interconnected system of systems - there is no separation. Each time another species disappears, a part of us dies. Another limb is lost.

We are on an incredible 14 billion year journey from hydrogen atoms to life - nothing short of a miracle. Unless we are numbed, desensitized, our natural heart cares about this planet.

2) What, in your opinion would be the most realistic way to solve the climate problems we are facing?

There is no one solution, but there are three main ways we need to address the problems we are facing. First, taking direct action to stop the destruction of rainforests and ecosystems while they are still left.
Secondly, creating sustainable alternatives to the industrial growth society.

And finally, something often neglected by activists, but absolutely vital: we must create an inner revolution, a complete shift in the way we relate to each other and the planet, a move from the immature, egoist consciousness that dominates the world and our media, to a world centric vision, a spacious perspective rooted in Agape Love - a recognition, a deep heartfelt understanding, of the radical interdependence of everything. There is no separation!


3) Do you think that anyone can be -or has the personality to be- "green"?

Certainly - it's inherent and natural, and needn't be forced. But allow it to come from within, not from an intellectual understanding, but from simply allowing your true Self, your authentic being to emerge. You will naturally become ecologically aware.

4) How do you think music can contribute to protecting the environment?

Music is a tremendous uniting force - it cuts across boundaries, it is universal. It can call us to a soulful depth - offering the chance to mourn the losses, and to celebrate the beauty. Deep ecologist Thomas Berry says that "the human is that being in who universe reflects on and knows itself - so the role of the human is to celebrate." Music can be a divine expression of celebration, and can open our hearts, inspiring action and compassion.

5) And finally: who would you recommend to also ask the questions you just answered?

Judy Rebick.

Appreciated, Velcrow!

Next up is environmentalist and agricultural activist Vandana Shiva.

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